Architecture overview

This document gives a brief introduction to the Foxrenderbus SDK components.


  1. rayvision_log and rayvision_api are root modules, to be invoked by other modules;
  2. rayvision_utils is a general module integrating functions to preprocessing CG configuration information calling rayvision_api when used;
  3. rayvision_sync provides transport-related functions, relys on rayvision_log and rayvision_api;
  4. rayvision_maya, rayvision_houdini, and rayvision_clarisse rely on rayvision_utils;

  • rayvison_api

Core module, provides a lot of interfaces to be called.

  • rayvison_utils

Provides some common functions required by other modules, integrating necessary rendering data preprocessing and customized exception management functions.

  • rayvison_sync

Provides transporting functions, like uploading of CG configuration files and resource files, downloading of rendering result.

  • rayvison_maya

Provides analysis functionality for Maya resource files

  • rayvison_houdini

Provides analysis functionality for houdini resource files

  • rayvison_clarisse

Provides analysis functionality for clarisse resource files

flow chart