Foxrenderfarm SDK at a glance


   We provide a simple Python rendering SDK to make use of our cloud rendering service easily;    This official rendering SDK is developed and maintained by RD and TD groups of Foxrenderfarm;    This rendering SDK has been tested on python2.7 and python3.6;

Why to use the rendering SDK?

   1. Automation. The SDK automates the process of using the cloud rendering service (analysing scens, uploading assets, rendering, downloading, etc). Users can integrate the modules to there own workflow(such as DeadLine, Qube, etc).

   2. Open source. Users can customize the codes or submit development suggestions.

   3. Cross-version. Python2 and python3 are both supported.

   4. Cross-platform. Windows and Linux are both supported(rayvision_sync only supports Windows and Centos7 and above).

   5. Security. Dynamic signature algorithm authentication (HmacSHA256 + Base64 + UTC timestamp time-limited authentication + random number to prevent replay attacks) adopted, more secure.

   6. Provide a variety of invoking ways. Support local and remote analysis.

   7. Independence. Isolate the API functions, easily expanding.

   8. Complete Documentation.

Supported software

Support analysis function:

  • Maya
  • Houdini
  • Clarisse
  • 3ds Max
  • C4D
  • Blender

Unsupport analysis function:

  • Arnorld Standalone
  • V-Ray Standalone


If the customer analyzes the scene themselves, it could theoretically support all of the rendering software supported by the Ruiyun platform client and web side.


  1. An account of FOXRENDERFARM
  2. Apply to use the render SDK from FOXRENDERFARM Developer Center and get the AccessID and AccessKey


Refer to Installation Guide

Get started

Refer to SDK Getting Started Tutorial

Parameter setting

Refer to Detailed parameters configuration